About Kinkfest

What: A weekend-long educational kink conference with workshops, performances, discussions, play, and more...

When: 22nd and 23rd July 2017, with a pre-party on the 21st

Where: Xtasia, Midlands UK

Tickets:  Early Bird: SOLD OUT. Couples: SOLD OUT. Standard: £80 + EventBrite fee. 

Dress: There is no dress code, but feel free to look fabulous in fetishwear at the party

About the Event

KinkFest UK, currently in its fourth year, is an educational kink, BDSM, and fetish conference to be held at Xtasia, 

West Bromwich, on the 22nd and 23rd of July 2017. There will be practical workshops and demonstrations, facilitated discussion groups, and space for socialising and chilling out in the daytime. On Saturday night there will be performances, followed by a play party where we will have access to all of the amazing space and equipment at our venue! 

KinkFest is a not-for-profit event and is run entirely by volunteers who do this because it's something they love. The aim of the weekend is to provide a safe, fun, relaxed and supportive environment in which kinksters of all flavours can come together to learn, practise, discuss and make friends.

We expect to have attendees of a variety of ages, genders, races, sexual- and kink-orientations and experience levels. In short, we welcome anyone over the age of 18 with an active and supportive interest in kink.

Access Fund

 We understand that KinkFest is expensive – we make tickets as affordable as we can, but sadly it’s out of some people’s price range. We want to be as accessible to as many kinksters as possible, so this year we’re delighted to be launching the KinkFest Access Fund (as well as business sponsorship packages) 

Who Is Eligible? 

In short, anyone who would really like to make it to KinkFest but feels that the price is prohibitive to their attending. 

How Is It Paid For? 

Entirely through generous donations. We're asking everyone to consider adding another £5, £10 or whatever they can afford when booking their tickets and all this money will go into the Access Fund. We're also hoping to fund some of it through business sponsorship. 

How Do I Apply? 

Send an email to kinkfestuk@gmail.com outlining your circumstances and why you feel you'd benefit from the Access Fund. This is run on an honour system - we're not going to ask for financial information or anything like that, this is designed to make attending KinkFest LESS stressful for people having financial issues! The committee will give full consideration to every application and notify applicants if they've been awarded a place. Please state if you require a full bursary or if a discount would make the event viable for you. 

How Many Bursary Places Are There? 

We don't know yet. It depends how much sponsorship and donation money we get. We're currently in a position to fully fund two places based on last year's surplus, but we'd really like it to get to ten places. 

Can You Also Cover My Hotel/Travel? 

Sadly not, but we can assist you in finding the best deal for you if you reach out to us for help. 

What About Unused Access Fund Money? 

If we end up with a surplus, it will roll over into next year's fund. Every penny made from KinkFest is reinvested back into the event.

About the Organizers

  Amaranta:  Director 2017 

Amaranta identifies as a queer feminist, a submissive Switch, poly, a swinger and a slut, amongst other things. She has a delightful nesting relationship with her primary partner, DemonBanana, and enjoys attending lots of events around the UK with him. She has four other sweeties dotted around the country and laments that no-one has yet given her a functional teleporter. When she’s not kinking it up or organising things, she can probably be found reading, blogging, knitting or keeping fit. Her favourite things include rope, cuddles, coffee, her Doxy wand, and Oxford Commas.    

Phoenix: Creative, Educational & Programming

Phoenix describes himself as a rigger, sadomasochist, cuddle-addict, indie music nerd, and compulsive organiser. He has been a regular on the Oxford kink scene for over 5 years, and is often also spotted tying people to the ceiling at events around London and the Midlands. Phoenix currently organises the Oxford Discussion Munch, Oxford Play Events and Peer Rope Oxford. He has a background in education and actively promotes consent, safety and feminism within the kink community. Phoenix has a lifelong physical disability and tries to raise the profile of disabled kinksters by playing at a variety of kink events. He identifies as a pansexual, polyamorous switch, and has lots of fun with his various partners and play partners. 

Shadow: Ticketing

Hi there, I'm Shadowofchaos and this will be the fourth time I have been photographing this wonderful event. I try to be as inconspicuous as possible while getting photos, but will always announce myself at the start of a workshop so everyone knows who I am and can grab me if they would like a personal photo. I work full time as an electrician and do photography as a hobby so I haven't got the fastest turn around time but I will get photos out to their subjects ASAP. If people can PM me after the event to remind me I have photographed you it would be much appreciated due to the volume of people attending. 

DemonBanana: Finance & Hotels

 DemonBanana identifies as a heteroflexible Top-leaning Switch, polyamorous and a swinger, and enjoys going to all kinds of kinky events. He lives with his primary partner, Amaranta, and has lots of fun with her, as well as with various other lovely people when time and energy permits. Outside of kink he’s a musician, and owned by the cuddliest cat in the world. His favourite thing in the whole world is cheese. 

Luna Querida: Website & Admin

L is a yankee gal who identifies as queer, poly, mono-submissive, and pan-affectionate.  She loves her fellow Oxfordshire kinkyfolk and has recently enjoyed exploring other English scenes as well.  She loves prettypretty rope, aesthetics, having her senses provoked, Spanish surrealism, taking bewildering selfies, and writing deeply unsexy and awkwardly metaphorical violent erotica.  Also cookies and climbing trees.  She loves being helpful to and bossed around by folks like Amaranta and Phoenix, so is very much looking forward to KinkFest 2017!

 Paper Sphere: Marketing Assistance

 I am a Submissive, bratty, poly, tea-addict. I have been on the fetish scene since 2006 mostly based in the South-West but I have been lucky enough to attend events around the UK. I am both shy and an exhibitionist which means I love helping out but mostly in the background where I am out of the spotlight. Outside of kink I am passionate about people and have chosen to work in a field where I get to spend all day talking to then. I also love being outdoors and make the most of the Devon countryside by going out walking in my spare time. However when it rains I enjoy nothing more than an afternoon of crafting, cooking and baking and despite being submissive I have had people beg me for my recipes and home made goodies. 

DemiGoth: Waiting List, DM & General

 I'm a cane enthusiast and sadist with a penchant for making my own equipment. I'm an engineer who spends most of his efforts on kinky machines. I've been a rigger for a decade but it's not my first love. Non-monogamous and figuring it out as I go with plenty of help from my full time partner. 

DSS: Head DM

 Bio to follow.   


KinkFest could not happen without these amazing people: TBA