Kinkfest 2017 Code of Conduct

  Kinkfest aims to be an enjoyable learning and social event inclusive to all. Considering, this we ask that you read and adhere to the following. 

In general: 

· No cameras, mobile phones or other recording equipment of any kind.  All such devices must be left at the event reception. NO EXCEPTIONS. If you’re on call or have a babysitter at home, the reception staff can keep your phone and find you if it rings. Anyone found to be using a phone or other device inside the venue is liable to be ejected without refund.  

· Respect people’s preferred names and pronouns. Use the name on someone’s badge, even if you know them as something else outside of KinkFest. Never reveal someone’s ‘legal’ name without permission. If in doubt about someone’s pronouns, ask, and if someone corrects you, accept it gracefully. Everyone’s gender is respected at KinkFest, and this includes genders beyond male and female. 

· Don’t touch anyone without asking. A useful phrase is, “would you like a hug?”    

· Respect other people’s equipment – never touch without asking.  

· Respect the venue, the staff and their equipment - we are guests and would like to be able to go back again. We’ve always had a really good relationship with Xtasia and we would like this to continue.  

· In the event of physical or sexual violence, offenders will be ejected immediately and the police may become involved.  

· No illegal drugs, no smoking or vaping inside the venue, and no excessive drunkenness.  

· Outside of very explicitly negotiated scene space, NO always means NO and event/venue staff will intervene if this isn’t respected.  

· Regardless of role or identity, respect and courtesy given from all guests to all guests is a minimum standard of behaviour.  

· The house safeword is RED, but DMs and staff will pay attention to anything that sounds like a safeword.  

· While there is no dress code during the day (and we recommend you dress comfortably,) please make an effort during the party. 

· There are event photographers (identified by yellow lanyards) who will be taking photos during the event. Photos will never be shared outside of the photographer and model without explicit permission. Anyone who is not the subject of the photo (i.e. in the background) will be blurred/obscured during editing. Please ask the photographers if you have any concerns. 

NO PHOTOGRAPHY from anyone except the official event photographers will be allowed. NO EXCEPTIONS.    

During the discussion groups, please: 

· Allow the group host to lay out the topic and general introduction. 

· Listen to others without interrupting.  

· Be respectful of a person’s views even if you don’t agree with them.  

· Don’t use inflammatory/derogatory language.  

· Stay on topic. 

· Don’t monopolise the discussion – give everyone chance to speak.    

During Workshops, please: 

· Avoid distracting the workshop leaders or participants during demonstrations as this can be dangerous. 

· If taking part in a “have a go” part of a workshop, listen to and obey all instructions given by the workshop leader.    

During the Play Party... 

· Expect to see impact play, sensation play, rope play, edge play, D/s dynamics and more.  

· There is no expectation to play. 

· Bring your own toys and don’t touch anyone’s things without asking.  

· Watch your alcohol intake before playing. 

· We encourage you to practice Risk Aware Consensual Kink. 

· If you are unsure about anything or anyone please talk to the DMs. 

· NEVER interrupt a scene in progress for any reason unless explicitly invited to do so. A scene includes set-up and aftercare.  

· Seek consent before any interaction and negotiate all play. 

· Play which is likely to draw blood is to take place in the dungeon area only, and you are responsible for the cleanliness/sterility of your equipment including sharps bins. 

· Follow any requests given by crew or venue staff. 

· No play in the quiet area.