How can I stay informed about KinkFest?

 For up to date information about ticketing, schedules and everything else, friend us on FetLife, or follow us on Twitter.

Why do tickets cost so much? Why are they more expensive this year?

This is a not for profit event, and we have worked hard to get tickets as low as possible, relying on an awful lot of people volunteering their time and expertise. That said, events like this are expensive to put on, and we are dependent on ticket sales to cover the cost of the venue, catering, and logistical and administrative costs. Any profit will be reinvested into next year's event. 

I still can't afford a ticket but would like to attend. What can I do?

There are a few opportunities on the Get Involved page to get discounted or free tickets by volunteering your time. 

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What is included in the ticket price?

Access to all workshops, discussion groups and talks, three kink performances, a play party in a fully equipped dungeon, lunch on both days, and cooked brunch on Sunday. Please be aware that multiple workshops and discussion groups will be running concurrently so you will not be able to attend everything. Evening meals and accommodation is not included. 

I'm new to kink. What can I expect?

 Open discussions about kink and sexuality; workshops on various BDSM practices including flogging, caning, whipping, needle play, fear play and rope play; rope and flogging performances; a play party where people will engage in various aspects of BDSM; a variety of fetish outfits; adults of all ages, genders and sexualities learning and having fun; clear negotiation in practice and a widespread respect for consent and safety. 

Where can I stay near the venue?

 Please click here to find out about the deals Xtasia has with hotels. 

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How do I get there?

Click here for directions. 

Can I park?

Click here for parking information. 

What are the public transport links?

Click here for public transport information. 

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How can I get involved?