COVID-19 Statement from KinkFest UK

Dear Friends,

Unsurprisingly, we have been asked many times over the past few days what is going to happen with KinkFest UK 2020 in the wake of the new Coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic. This has been at the forefront of our minds and we felt it only fair to tell you all where we’re at right now.

We had intended to put KinkFest UK 2020 on sale on Saturday 14 March. However, the situation has worsened over the last few days and we have made the decision to postpone releasing tickets.

For the time being, KinkFest UK 2020 is NOT cancelled. However, we are delaying going on sale and we will be monitoring the situation closely over the coming weeks.

If things continue to worsen, we may have no choice but to cancel. This would be heartbreaking for us, as we pour our hearts and souls into KinkFest UK every year and pride ourselves on putting on a great event for our community. However, the safety of our friends, community, and everyone around us – especially those who are more vulnerable – must come first.

We very much hope that the public and more importantly our government will do the right things and that by October, COVID-19 will be ancient history.

Again, as of right now, KinkFest UK 2020 is not cancelled. But please do not book any accommodation or travel until we release tickets for sale, as the possibility of a cancellation is unfortunately very real.

Please stay safe, look after yourselves and your loved ones, and follow the guidance that will help get this pandemic under control.

We really hope we will see lots of you in October.

With love,

Amy & DB – Your KinkFest Directors