Code of Conduct KinkFest UK 2019

Code of Conduct KinkFest UK 2019

KinkFest UK 2019 Code of Conduct

KinkFest aims to be a safe, enjoyable learning and social event inclusive to all. Considering this, we ask that you read and adhere to the following.

Inked drawing of flogger
Inked drawing of flogger

In general:

  • Strictly no cameras, mobile phones or other recording equipment of any kind. All such devices must be left at the event reception. NO EXCEPTIONS. If you’re on call or have a babysitter at home, the reception staff can keep your phone and find you if it rings. Anyone found to be using a phone or other device inside the venue is will be ejected without refund and may be banned from KF events permanently.

  • Respect people’s names and pronouns. Use the name someone tells you, even if you know them as something else outside of KinkFest. Never reveal someone’s ‘legal’ name without permission.

  • Everyone’s gender is respected at KinkFest, and this includes genders beyond male and female. If in doubt about someone’s pronouns, ask. If someone corrects you, accept it gracefully.

  • Don’t touch anyone without asking. A useful phrase is, “would you like a hug?”

  • Respect other people’s equipment – never touch without asking.

  • Respect the venue, the staff and their equipment. We’ve always had a great relationship with Xtasia and we would like this to continue.

  • Space and seating is limited. Please give up your seat if you can to those with disabilities or restricted mobility. Please also check you are not blocking the view of those behind you when watching a workshop or performance. Remember: not every disability is visible!

  • In the event of physical or sexual violence, offenders will be ejected immediately. and the police may become involved. Response will be victim-led and KinkFest staff will co-operate with law enforcement if the victim wishes to press charges.

  • No illegal drugs, no smoking or vaping inside the venue, and no excessive drunkenness.

  • KinkFest operates on an ethos of explicit and informed consent. No always means no, but the absence of a no is not in itself a yes.

  • You may leave any workshop or activity at any time. Please try to do so quietly so you do not disturb other participants.

  • Regardless of role or identity, respect and courtesy given from all guests to all guests is a minimum standard of behaviour.

  • The house safeword is RED, but DMs and staff will pay attention to anything that sounds like a safeword.

  • While there is no dress code during the day (and we recommend you dress comfortably), please make an effort during the party. Lingerie, nudity, corsetry, latex, leather and all kinds of fetishwear are encouraged. All black, smart clothing or clubwear is also acceptable. No jeans, trainers, “streetwear” or overtly offensive dress, please.

  • Please turn up to workshops on time as some have limited spaces and may also be closed to new entrants after they begin. These restrictions will be mentioned in the program.

  • There is NO photography at KinkFest 2019, official or otherwise (with the possible exception of a closed Peer Photography workshop and a photography corner during the play party, both TBC). Anyone found with a camera or taking photos will be ejected and may be banned from KF events permanently..

  • Do not “tag” or namecheck attendees to the event, including the organising team, on ANY social media that in any way mentions or alludes to KF without their explicit consent. You can put people in danger this way.

  • If you have previously been banned by KinkFest or Xtasia that ban will still be enforced this year.

  • Please report any consent violation to a member of our team or to our Consent Incident Report Person.

During the discussion groups, please:

  • Listen to others without interrupting.

  • Be respectful of others’ views even if you don’t agree with them.

  • Do not use inflammatory/derogatory language.

  • Stay on topic.

  • Don’t monopolise the discussion – give everyone chance to speak.

During Workshops, please:

  • Avoid distracting the workshop leaders or participants during demonstrations as this can be dangerous.

  • If taking part in a “have a go” part of a workshop, listen to and obey all instructions given by the workshop leader.

  • No-one is obligated to “have a go” or to try anything out that they do not want to. Again, only an informed and enthusiastic yes means yes..

During the Play Party:

  • Expect to see impact play, sensation play, rope play, edge play, D/s dynamics and more.

  • There is no expectation to play.

  • Bring your own toys if you wish, and do not touch anyone else’s things without their consent to do so.

  • There is a bar at Xtasia. However, please drink responsibly. We do not advise drinking before playing, and we will not tolerate inappropriate behaviour.

  • We encourage you to practice Risk Aware Consensual Kink.

  • If you have any issues or problems, please speak to a member of the team or to a Dungeon Monitor (they will be wearing identification and will be introduced at the opening of the play party).

  • NEVER interrupt a scene in progress for any reason unless explicitly invited to do so. A scene includes set-up and aftercare.

  • Ensure that physical touch, kink and sexual interactions with other people are consensual. If you wish, you can use the consent cards provided around the venue to assist negotiation.

  • Sharps play is restricted to the Dungeon area only, and you are responsible for the cleanliness/sterility of your equipment including sharps bins.

  • Follow any instructions given by crew or venue staff.

  • Please make sure to wipe down equipment using cleaning materials provided.

In addition to the above, we expect presenters, teachers and workshop leaders and models to adhere to the following:

  • Include specific reference to consent and cover appropriate safety protocols in your session.

  • Seek explicit consent from any audience member before interacting with them physically, even as part of a demonstration.