The Core Principles of KinkFest

The following outlines the Code of Conduct by which all KinkFest attendees are expected to abide. Anyone found breaching the Code is likely to be ejected without refund and may be barred from future events. It is your responsibility to have read the Code before attending KinkFest. In the events of physical or sexual violence or the use of illegal substances, KinkFest and Xtasia staff will co-operate with law enforcement.

CONSENT: KinkFest is run on an ethos of explicit, enthusiastic and ongoing consent as a minimum standard. This means that no always means no, but anything other than a clear indication of consent also means no. This applies to any kind of sexual contact or play, but also to physical contact (e.g. hugs) touching someone’s stuff, or joining in with any activity.

RESPECT: Respect and courtesy from all attendees to all attendees is expected, regardless of role or identity. In addition, respect and courtesy towards the venue and its staff is expected.

RISK AWARE CONSENSUAL KINK: The things we do often carry some inherent level of risk. We expect all attendees to be aware of the risks of play, only engage in activities they’re competent to do (or try new things with supervision) and take sensible precautions to mitigate risks to themselves and others. This includes not playing drunk or under the influence of any substances. The house safeword is RED.

INCLUSIVITY: KinkFest is for everyone 18+ with an active, supportive interest in BDSM/fetish. We strive to include and give a voice to everyone regardless of gender, race, age, ability, sexual orientation, role or experience level. Bigotry of any kind will not be tolerated.

PRIVACY: Any devices capable of taking photographs, videos or audio are strictly prohibited (mobile phones must be left in the cloakroom). Anyone found taking photos or recording will be ejected. Respect everyone’s chosen names, even if you know them as something else outside KinkFest, and do not “tag” anyone on any social media associated with the event without their explicit consent.

EDUCATION: KinkFest is first and foremost an educational event. We expect that all attendees show respect to the teachers who have given their time to share their expertise by listening and following instructions in workshops. We vet all presenters for expertise and adherence to safety and consent best practices.

YKINMKBYKIOK: KinkFest accepts, embraces and respects all forms of consensual adult sexual expression. Kink-shaming has no place here.

FUN & EXPLORATION: KinkFest is meant to be a fun, safe and exploratory place for everyone. This Code of Conduct is in place to help everyone have a brilliant time. We encourage you to explore, play, try something new, and look out for yourselves and each other.