Can I buy tickets on the door?

No. KinkFest is a pre-purchased ticket event only. You need to have purchased your ticket in advance from our ticketing partner. Links will be on our website or our FetLife profile as soon as tickets go on sale.

Are there ID requirements or an age limit to enter the event?

We have a very strict 18+ only policy. We operate Challenge 25, so please bring your ID.

Can I return or resell my ticket?

Tickets are non-refundable but we may offer returns/refunds in the event that the tickets sell out and we can then resell your spot to someone on the waiting list. You’re welcome to sell your ticket on if you can no longer attend, but YOU MUST NOTIFY US of the change of attendee and put us in touch with them so that we can ensure that they also agree to the Code of Conduct etc.

Can I teach a workshop/run a thing?

Maybe! Pitch us HERE and we’ll let you know if we think your idea is a good fit for KinkFest.

How does this Access Fund thing work?

The Access Fund was set up to assist those who would normally struggle to attend KinkFest due to financial restrictions. Last year we were, with your kind donations, able to assist a number of individuals with the cost of the tickets. This year, we hope to do likewise. If you are struggling with your ticket costs, please get in touch on Fetlife before 30 June 2023 to apply for an access place.

Can I come if I’m totally new to kink?

Yes! KinkFest was designed with kinksters at all different levels in mind and because you can pick and choose what sessions to go to, you can tailor your weekend to your experience level. Please remember that KinkFest is an intense experience, especially if you’re brand new, so look after yourself accordingly!

Is it all couples or can I come alone?

Loads of people come alone! Of course there are lots of couples, but there are also groups of friends, polycules, and plenty of single people who don’t know anyone when they arrive and have a new group of friends by the end of the weekend.

Where can I stay?

Try local hotels in the area (West Bromwich) and the venue itself has some rooms available.

What are my transport/parking options getting to the event?

If you are driving for both days, there are car parks within two minutes walk of the venue. Nearby hotels may have parking available, too, if you are staying there. There are also good public transport links from central Birmingham to West Bromwich.

What should I wear?

We try to be as lax about the dress code as possible. During the day, you want to be comfortable and able to move around, especially if you’re participating in practical workshops. Jeans or leggings and a t-shirt are perfectly acceptable, or you can dress up a bit more if you prefer! For the evening play party, we ask you to make an effort but we have no desire to gatekeep or institute expensive dress codes. Fetishwear, latex, leather, lingerie, complete nudity, rope-garments, corsetry, clubwear, crossdressing, smart black, kilts and suits are just some of the things you’re likely to see people wearing. If in doubt then please ask. We do not allow any outfits that are likely to cause distress or offence, e.g. Nazi uniforms.

Can I change at the venue?

Yep! There’s a small changing room downstairs where you can change and stow your belongings.

Where can I leave my things?

There are lockers available in the changing area for a £10 deposit.

Are there house Dom(me)s/subs at KinkFest

No. We don’t have any house Dom(me)s or subs and we make no guarantee that you will have the opportunity to play during the party.

Is KinkFest trans-inclusive?

Yes! We want people of all genders to feel safe and included at KinkFest and trans people are accepted as their identified gender for all purposes at the event. Toilets and changing facilities are gender-neutral throughout the weekend. If you witness or hear of transphobic behaviour at the event, please speak to the organisers and we will intervene.

Is there anything I can’t bring into the venue?

Mobile phones and cameras cannot be taken past the venue’s reception area. There is a FREE cloakroom with CCTV where they can be left. This is venue policy and one we agree is best for everyone’s peace of mind. If you are “On Call”, please contact us to make special arrangements. THIS RULE WILL BE STRICTLY ENFORCED. BY BUYING A TICKET YOU AGREE NOT TO BRING YOUR PHONE, CAMERA OR ANY OTHER TYPE OF RECORDING EQUIPMENT INTO THE MAIN PART OF THE VENUE.

Do not bring illegal drugs or alcohol. Drinks may be purchased at the bar. We operate a zero tolerance policy on illegal drugs.

Do not bring in your own food from outside. Exceptions can be made here for those with very restrictive dietary needs or allergies. Just no McDonalds, Costa etc. please!

During the play party, is there any kind of play I can’t do?

We try to allow for all kinds of consenting adult sexuality at KinkFest. That said, no scat play please, and watersports only in the downstairs wet room area. Anything involving drawing blood must be kept in the dungeon space only. If you’re doing something messy like wax play, please put down a protective sheet and clean up after yourselves. If you’re going to do play that is likely to be very loud or intense or could cause a reasonable outsider to be concerned about consent, we suggest you advise a DM first so that they are aware of your plans and won’t interrupt to make sure everyone’s okay!

Are genital nudity and penetrative sex allowed at KinkFest?

Yes! Xtasia is a fully licensed swingers club. You can be nude inside the venue at any point throughout the weekend, but please confine overt sexual activity to the evening party or private spaces. (Fucking loudly while someone is teaching a workshop is considered rude!)

What are the rules?

You can view our Code of Conduct on our website, but you will also be asked to read and agree to it prior to purchasing your tickets. We take these rules very seriously and will remove anyone who breaches them. We operate on an explicitly consent-and-safety-first based ethos and expect our guests to do the same.

Do I have to bring my printed/email ticket to the event?

Yes. This is a change in policy from previous years, so please remember to either print your ticket/email out or be prepared to show us it on your phone or other mobile device.

What about my data?

We take your privacy seriously and follow best practice in Data Protection. Your details will only be visible to the KF 2023 team and will be kept in a password-protected account. We will not share your personal information with any other organisations or individuals except when we are required to do so by law, or to safeguard the event, the KinkFest UK team, or attendees.