We have hit our limit of Access Fund places based on monies that we’ve put into the pot, generous donations from ticket-buyers, and what we roughly predict we’ll get in the way of further donations (based on previous years). We do hope to re-open Access Fund applications again, but that’s going to depend on how much more we get in the way of donations.

We understand that KinkFest is expensive – we make tickets as affordable as we can, but sadly it’s out of some people’s price range. We want to be as accessible to as many kinksters as possible, so this year we’re continuing with the KinkFest Access Fund (as well as business sponsorship packages).

What is it?

It’s a substantial reduction in the cost of a standard ticket to KinkFest. Specifically, you’ll get a ticket for £40, less than half the cost of a regular standard ticket

Who Is Eligible?

In short, anyone who would really like to make it to KinkFest but feels that the standard ticket price is prohibitive to their attending.

How Is It Paid For?

Entirely through generous donations. We’re asking everyone to consider adding another £5, £10 or whatever they can afford when booking their tickets and all this money will go into the Access Fund. We’re also hoping to fund some of it through business sponsorship.

How Do I Apply?

Browse on over to here https://forms.gle/q8as36qDME3L8KPd8 and complete the application form. This is run on an honour system — we’re not going to ask for financial information or anything like that, this is designed to make attending KinkFest LESS stressful for people having financial issues! The committee will give full consideration to every application and notify applicants if they’ve been awarded a discounted ticket.

How Many Access Fund Places Are There?

We don’t know yet. It depends how much sponsorship and donation money we get. We’re currently in a position to fund five places, but we’d really like it to get to ten places.

Can You Also Cover My Hotel/Travel?

Sadly not, the access fund is for the cost of the event only.

What About Unused Access Fund Money?

If we end up with a surplus, it will roll over into next year’s fund.